Property Tax

Nationwide Personal & Real Property Tax Practice

Property Tax Complexity

Keeping up with the wide range of personal property tax issues relating to renditions, rates, asset management, notice & bill tracking, depreciation schedules, and other issues can be a burden. These necessary tasks often put strains on resources as well as employees which could be better utilized elsewhere.

Get Just The Help You Need

Our consulting and compliance services are designed to provide you with the flexibility you require to decide how to utilize your resources in the most efficient manner. We can assist in some or all of the process as you deem necessary. 

Tax Recovery That Pays You

Our objective with every client is to look for every possible tax credit, refund, or incentive available to you. We stay on top of jurisdictional changes to ensure you're not overpaying. In many cases our consulting services, not only pay for our compliance service but returns the lion share of overpayments back to you.


The 7 Biggest Frustrations Tax Directors Have with Property Taxes ...and the 3 Changes They're Making to Avoid Them

Learn How To:

  Reduce your software cost by at least 15%

  Evaluate your true costs of property tax compliance

  3 "problem assets" you pay overpay property tax

  Decide whether outsourcing would pay dividends

  Know which type of software is best

  And more...

Property Tax Services

Property Tax Compliance

​Managing personal property tax compliance in the thousands of taxing jurisdictions is a labor intensive, tedious, time-consuming activity that is a requirement to conduct business in most local jurisdictions.

Property Tax Compliance Service Includes:

  Setup - property, software, ACH setup, data testing

  Personal Property Tax Return Service

  Asset Import

  Prepare & file return

  Assessment Notice & Bill Tracking


Real Property Appeals

Overpaying Property Tax? Yes, it’s a problem! Even if you have a highly trained, expert property tax staff, you could be overpaying property tax.

Commercial Real Estate

  Diverse Commercial Property Experience 

  Detail Real Property Understanding

  Local Market Value Expertise 

Personal Property Appeals

Appealing BPP is uncommon because it is much more labor intensive given the number of assets that must be reviewed. This is why it's good to have us do all the dirty work.

Business Personal Property

  Various Business Equipment Represented 

  Detail Asset Review & Analysis

Other Property Tax Services

These solutions will help you avoid over-payments, manage costs, reduce audit risk, and make your life simpler.

Accruals Setup & Management

Fixed Asset Review

  Eliminates "ghost" assets & reviews asset best asset classification

Personal Property Software Selection