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Peisner Johnson & Company Turns 20

Twenty years ago today, Jerry Peisner and Andy Johnson formed Peisner Johnson & Company with a clear mission: Solve clients’ state tax problems.  As the newest member of the PJCo team, I’d like to wish Jerry, Andy, and the rest of the team a happy 20th anniversary! Congratulations, Team, and here’s to many more years

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Sales Tax Rates Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Harder

For some businesses, sales tax collection is not a big deal. If your business operates out of a single physical storefront and you don’t ship or deliver the items you sell, and if you sell straightforward stuff (not food, candy or mixed goods and services) then sales tax is not complicated. It may be a

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Good Sales Tax News for Manufacturers

These days, when it comes to sales/use taxes, good news is hard to come by. So many states are increasing taxes and rolling back exemptions and stepping up audit enforcement. A quick perusal of the headlines provides all the proof. New York, North Carolina, California and others are taking the position that merely having otherwise

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North Carolina Case Sends Shivers Through NC DOR

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has handed down a decision that has to be causing quite the stir at the NC DOR. It is certainly true that this decision is potentially far-reaching. It’s also a very surprising decision. Anyone who has any use tax assessment pending in NC or has been assessed use tax

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Don’t Shoot the Messenger; They Might Just Save Your Business

Last year we released a short video highlighting a situation we refer to as “the biggest tragedy in sales tax.”  Essentially a business which has a tax obligation, or “nexus”, to a state fails to collect sales tax from customers at the time of purchase and is audited.  The state assesses the business for the

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