11 Mar 2019
2 min read

You Can't Scale a Good Consultant

Why personal service and attention matters so much when you're dealing with state and local tax issues.
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These days everyone in business talks about SCALE. Like, you can't be successful unless you can scale what you do.

It's almost as if an idea stinks unless it "scales". Well, we don't scale very well.

But we're not knocking the concept. Scale makes complete economic sense for the software companies.

They couldn't survive without it.

And frankly, all of us benefit from scale, because it makes software much cheaper than it would be otherwise.

But, when it comes to sales tax filing for a business, how does SCALE benefit you? I'm not sure if it does.

It's easy to see how it hurts you.

Because of SCALE...

  • You never know the person (or if there is a person) who actually prepares your returns.
  • As a result, there's no one to answer your unique questions. Like: why doesn't your data match the returns this month? or, Why am I getting this nasty letter from the state DOR??
  • If you happen to miss a deadline even by a minute, the software stops working for you and you're left in a lurch. You will probably have to file the returns on your own that month.
  • Pricing may seem cheap at first, but the REAL costs can skyrocket.
  • Software is always changing (usually for the better), so you have to continually RELEARN how to use it effectively.
  • And more...

With us, you'll know the person who actually does your returns each month. It's not some unknowable Bot.

When you have questions, you'll know exactly who to reach out to, in fact, there's usually at least 3 people you'll be comfortable asking. AND, you'll get the answers you need, right away!

Pricing is never a surprise. Remember this: "Price is what you pay; Value is what you get!"

You don't have to keep relearning any more software for sales tax. Just give it to us and it's "State Taxes Handled".

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