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It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Goes to Jail

It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Goes to Jail October 4th, 2012 by Andy Johnson The Tampa Bay Times just published an article about a restaurant owner in Florida. arrested and charged with a felony for failing to pay sales taxes that he had collected last year. He faces up to 30 years in prison. We

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Are Use Tax Amnesties Useful?

State tax amnesties usually fall into two overall categories — general and specific. A general amnesty usually covers all or most of the taxes that an authority administers. These amnesties are usually widely anticipated and well received by a wide audience. A specific amnesty is one that is targeted to a particular tax or taxes.

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Texas Tax Amnesty: Is Fresh Start the Best Start?

State tax amnesties are few and far between, so when Texas Comptroller Susan Combs announced an amnesty for the state of Texas on March, taxpayers had cause for celebration. Amnesties are usually beneficial for the state as well as for many taxpayers. In general, the states offer amnesties with the hope they will get a

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This May Be Ohio’s Most Generous Use Tax Amnesty Plan Ever

Back in April, we wrote about Ohio Department of Taxation’s (ODT) use tax collection program. They called their program the Use Tax Education Program. When the government uses the word “education” in a tax collection program title, you better hold on to your wallet! Their interest is not so much in education as it is

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Don’t Miss this New Twist to the Washington Tax Amnesty

You might be able to get part of the tax WAIVED along with the penalty and interest We’ve been beating the drum on the amnesty in Washington for some time. We don’t like to beat the drum too long and loud, but in this case, we feel compelled to call your attention to the opportunity,

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News and Views on the Alphabet Soup of MI Taxes On February 17, 2011, as part of his 2012-2013 budget, Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder announced his proposal for the elimination of the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) and for the replacement of it with a flat Corporate Income Tax (CIT) of 6%. While not surprising (it

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An Amnesty Worth Its SALT

A look at the B & O, Economic Nexus, Elimination of Physical Presence and Amnesty In the current economic environment, states have a tightrope to walk between balancing the need to increase revenues with the need to save and create jobs. The state of Washington probably thinks it has found a creative way to do

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You Missed the Tax Amnesty Express

Don’t Worry. You are probably better off with a VDA anyway! Tax Amnesty programs wax and wane in popularity depending on economic conditions. Recently with the depressed economy, Amnesty Programs seem to be all the rage. State and local jurisdictions have been announcing them at a rapid pace with some jurisdictions, like the city of

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Are You For or Against Amnesty?

Tax Amnesty Usually Means No Penalty — Big Deal! You Still Owe the Tax! What if I told you: You Can Get Out of the Whole Tax? It seems like there’s constantly a tax amnesty being offered by some state somewhere. Amnesties can be a sweet deal, that is if you have the money to

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