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The Seven Worst States For Sales Tax on Services

Sales tax is a transaction tax on the retail sale of tangible personal property and certain selected services. 45 states plus the District of Columbia impose a sales tax. Traditionally, the sales tax has been assessed upon all sales of tangible personal property (TPP) unless some specific exemption applies. On the other hand, services have

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New chart: Sales Tax VDAs by State

Voluntary disclosure agreements are a useful way to mitigate past liabilities while becoming compliant for sales tax purposes. Nearly every state offers a VDA program for sales tax, and if you qualify and take advantage, it could save quite the headache. One of the challenges is that VDA programs vary widely by state, and keeping

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Sales/Use Tax Traps in a Merger

Recently a client asked us to comment on their proposed merger plans. Mergers are always happening, so I thought it would be worth your while for us to comment on this to our friends and clients at large. The basic facts were that, for various reasons, our client planned to simplify their corporate structure. The

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