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Good Sales Tax News in California for Online Sellers?

Fiona Ma, the California State Treasurer recently sent a letter to the Governor, Gavin Newsom that is causing a bit of a stir in the online seller community.  In her letter she states that the CDTFA’s (California Department of Tax and Fee Administration) targeting of online sellers is “unlawful, unconstitutional and impractical”. That’s pretty strong

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You Can’t Scale What We Do

These days everyone in business talks about SCALE. Like, you can’t be successful unless you can scale what you do. It’s almost as if an idea stinks unless it “scales”. Well, we don’t scale very well. But we’re not knocking the concept. Scale makes complete economic sense for the software companies.  They couldn’t survive without

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Top 5 Questions From Online Sellers About Sales Tax

These are exciting times for online sellers. There is tons of opportunity everywhere, but with opportunities come challenges. In reality, online sellers face a very difficult environment. Competition is fierce and change is constant. Just staying on top of the ever changing technology and platforms is a challenge, not to mention keeping up with pricing pressure

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Amazon.com & You – Internet Sales and the Long Arm of the Tax Man

We all have heard or read about the plights of the states in the recent economy. Revenues from all sources are down and states are desperate to increase them. Virtually all states are becoming more aggressive in their collection efforts and many are looking at creative new statutes or ways to reinterpret those already on

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