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The Seven Worst States For Sales Tax on Services

Sales tax is a transaction tax on the retail sale of tangible personal property and certain selected services. 45 states plus the District of Columbia impose a sales tax. Traditionally, the sales tax has been assessed upon all sales of tangible personal property (TPP) unless some specific exemption applies. On the other hand, services have

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Your Clients Who Use Amazon Are STILL Really Confused About Sales Tax

Problem: Many Amazon FBA sellers still have the false belief that Amazon will handle all of the sellers’ sales tax for them. This is simply not true. Below are some direct quotes from Amazon.com. Your clients can find this same information by going to their Amazon Seller Central Account (they have to log in to

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As a Leader of a CPA Firm, What Keeps You Up at Night?

The AICPA Survey Lists CPA’s Top Five Concerns, But Did They Ask the Right Question? And the Survey Said? In a recent survey, the AICPA polled some 577 CPA firms with the question of “what is your chief business concern?”  A compelling question to be sure, and the answers are telling of our current economic

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It’s Beginning to Look Like Budget Deficits Galore

Here’s a spattering of recent headlines portending trouble ahead. WA is Facing $2.8Billion Deficit   Washington’s two-year budget is about $34Billion. So the deficit is nearly 10% of the total budget. I guess that’s better than the $5 to $6Billion that they were projecting back at this time a year ago.   Washington’s budget mess:

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