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What Methods do States Allow for Obtaining Sale Tax Refunds and Credits?

The steps for claiming a sales tax refund or credit vary greatly by state, but the most common procedures include: Adjusting the sales reported or tax due (or taking a credit) on a following return Amending the original return(s) Filing a separate refund claim either by letter or specific form The easiest and quickest way

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How do States Tax Manufacturing Equipment?

The first thing you need to think about in determining if certain manufacturing equipment can be purchased tax free is what is manufacturing? I’m sure that it comes as no surprise that the definition of the term “manufacturing” varies from state to state. For example, all manufacturing probably includes some processing and/or fabrication, but not

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Don’t Let Auditor Sleight-of-Hand Cost You An Arm & A Leg

1/3 of Sales Tax Audits Result in a Credit, But Does That Mean You Made Out Like A Bandit? Not necessarily. Before you go bragging about your last sales tax audit while running to the bank, your sales tax auditor may be breathing a sigh of relief while peeling out of your parking lot after

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Good Sales Tax News for Manufacturers

These days, when it comes to sales/use taxes, good news is hard to come by. So many states are increasing taxes and rolling back exemptions and stepping up audit enforcement. A quick perusal of the headlines provides all the proof. New York, North Carolina, California and others are taking the position that merely having otherwise

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North Carolina Case Sends Shivers Through NC DOR

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has handed down a decision that has to be causing quite the stir at the NC DOR. It is certainly true that this decision is potentially far-reaching. It’s also a very surprising decision. Anyone who has any use tax assessment pending in NC or has been assessed use tax

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Missouri Policy on Software Load and Leave is Ruled Out

Is Software Even Taxable in Missouri Now? Special Bonus Content: Who Else Exempts Load and Leave? The Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission (AHC) recently held that the sale of canned computer software to a customer through a “load and leave” delivery method was not subject to Missouri use tax because the software was not tangible personal

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Certain Illinois Taxpayers May Lose Millions of Dollars on July 1, 2010

Illinois Taxpayers May Lose Millions of Dollars on July 1, 2010 The State of Illinois Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit (“MPC”) is unique among state incentives. Many Illinois taxpayers might qualify for this credit. If they do qualify, they must file the appropriate forms by June 30, 2010, or the money is lost forever. What is the

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