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You Can’t Scale What We Do

These days everyone in business talks about SCALE. Like, you can’t be successful unless you can scale what you do. It’s almost as if an idea stinks unless it “scales”. Well, we don’t scale very well. But we’re not knocking the concept. Scale makes complete economic sense for the software companies.  They couldn’t survive without

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Your Clients Who Use Amazon Are STILL Really Confused About Sales Tax

Problem: Many Amazon FBA sellers still have the false belief that Amazon will handle all of the sellers’ sales tax for them. This is simply not true. Below are some direct quotes from Amazon.com. Your clients can find this same information by going to their Amazon Seller Central Account (they have to log in to

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Voluntarily Disclosing Your Sales Tax: Is that a good idea?

Voluntary disclosure agreements (VDAs) are a useful way to mitigate past liabilities while becoming compliant for sales tax purposes. Nearly every state offers a VDA program for sales tax, and if you qualify and take advantage, it could save quite the headache. One of the challenges is that VDA programs vary widely by state, and

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