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“Don’t Nobody Go Nowhere”

Recently we were at a gate at an airport and had just been told that our plane was being taken out of service because of a “maintenance issue”. Our much-anticipated trip to Hawaii was in jeopardy! Anxious passengers began to crowd around the gate area while others seemed to be hurrying off to the ticketing

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Finally Some Good News for Manufacturers

These days, when it comes to sales/use taxes, good news is hard to come by. So many states are increasing taxes and rolling back exemptions and stepping up audit enforcement. A quick perusal of the headlines provides all the proof. New York, North Carolina, California and others are taking the position that merely having otherwise

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So What States Have Active Amnesties in Place?

I thought it would be good to give a rundown of which states are offering amnesty programs right now and give some details from CCH on each of the programs. Many of these expire in June. Arizona’s expires on June 1. Better hurry! Some of them have significant caveats associated so let the tax manager

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The MA Amnesty Expires June 30, 2009

Massachusetts has enacted an amnesty program also. It’s good for periods before January 2007. It only waives the penalty, but no interest. It expires June 30, 2009. Here’s the details from CCH: Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has signed legislation authorizing a two-month tax amnesty program, during which penalties for failure to timely file or pay

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WI is Hoping to Be Part of the SSTP — Amnesty may be Available

Since WI has conformed its laws to the SSTP, then it should be admitted as a full member of the Agreement. Once that happens, then amnesty will be available for a one year period. The SSTP amnesty is pretty great because companies are not only forgiven penalty and interest but the tax also. However, the

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MD has an Amnesty Program With Catches

If you have fewer than 500 employees and you didn’t take advantage of Maryland’s last amnesty offer back in 2001, then you might want to participate in this program. It doesn’t start til September 1, 2009 but everything must be done by October 30, 2009. Here’s the details from CCH: Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has

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CT Has an Amnesty Program — Also Expiring in June, 09

Connecticut has also enacted an amnesty program that expires June 25, 2009. Here’s the details from CCH: The Commissioner of Revenue Services is required to establish a tax amnesty program for persons who owe any tax for any affected taxable period to be conducted from May 1, 2009 to June 25, 2009, inclusive. “Tax” is

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Amnesty in NJ Has a Catch — It Also Expires in June

NJ has an amnesty program in place that also expires soon — June 15, 2009 to be exact. This from CCH: Legislation has been enacted that requires the Director of the New Jersey Division of Taxation to establish a 45-day state tax amnesty period, to end no later than June 15, 2009. The amnesty applies

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Amnesty About to Expire in AZ on June 1, 2009

Believe it or not, amnesty offers don’t come around all that often. From time to time we like to highlight the current states who are offering some type of amnesty program. Arizona has a program that is just about to expire. You’ll have to hurry to take advantage of it. But if you’re under audit

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