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North Carolina Case Sends Shivers Through NC DOR

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has handed down a decision that has to be causing quite the stir at the NC DOR. It is certainly true that this decision is potentially far-reaching. It’s also a very surprising decision. Anyone who has any use tax assessment pending in NC or has been assessed use tax

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Don’t Shoot the Messenger; They Might Just Save Your Business

Last year we released a short video highlighting a situation we refer to as “the biggest tragedy in sales tax.”  Essentially a business which has a tax obligation, or “nexus”, to a state fails to collect sales tax from customers at the time of purchase and is audited.  The state assesses the business for the

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This May Be Ohio’s Most Generous Use Tax Amnesty Plan Ever

Back in April, we wrote about Ohio Department of Taxation’s (ODT) use tax collection program. They called their program the Use Tax Education Program. When the government uses the word “education” in a tax collection program title, you better hold on to your wallet! Their interest is not so much in education as it is

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Big Changes with Texas Certificates

Are You A Rancher/Farmer in Texas or Do You Have A Rancher/Farmer Customer?  If so, the Texas Sales Tax Law Has Changed for You. Do you sell to farmers or ranchers in Texas? Then a new law in Texas applies to you. Starting in January, 2012, you’ll have to collect a new certificate from them

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As a Leader of a CPA Firm, What Keeps You Up at Night?

The AICPA Survey Lists CPA’s Top Five Concerns, But Did They Ask the Right Question? And the Survey Said? In a recent survey, the AICPA polled some 577 CPA firms with the question of “what is your chief business concern?”  A compelling question to be sure, and the answers are telling of our current economic

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Top 7 Causes of Sales Tax Audit Deficiencies and How To Fix Them

Cause #1: Missing Documentation In some ways, you are actually guilty until proven innocent in a sales tax audit. The burden of proof is on you, the taxpayer, to demonstrate you complied with the law. So how much “proof” is sufficient? Will your word suffice? How about a crafty or compelling argument? Maybe detailed explanations

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