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Sales Tax Return Preparation and Filing Service (aka Compliance)

Sales Tax Returns a "Delight"?

Have you heard that advertisement? How about the one claiming “Effortless Sales Tax” or “Hassle-free Filing” or “Set-It-And-Forget-It”? Well, if you’ve had any experience with filing returns for a business that has more than $500,000 in sales with customers in multiple states and locations in more than one state using multiple sales channels, then you KNOW that filing sales tax is ANYTHING but a delight.

If you buy into the hype, then you can’t help but feel disappointed with the real results.

It's Not Your Fault

It’s not your fault for wanting this process to be at least simple (you never fell for the “delightful” pitch). After all, you are volunteering to collect money for a state and send it to them! Why shouldn’t you expect them to make it simple for you to do that?

It’s not even the fault of the companies who make these “effortless” and “hassle-free” claims. After all, the software companies have made the process MUCH MUCH easier in the last several years. 

But it’s all relative. Tax Return Filing for multistate businesses used to be pure MISERY; now it’s just a time-wasting, frustrating,  mind-numbing hassle. Taking the process from PURE misery to a hassle is a MAJOR improvement.

For the Very Small Business, Filing Sales Tax Returns in One or Two States, is Pretty Simple

Thanks to wonderful improvements in technology, sales tax return filing is so much easier now and really can be almost completely automated for the smallest businesses. And that’s great news.

How Are We Different?

If you search online, it looks like there are many many firms who will do your sales tax returns for you. 

  • We're not a software company. We use the software and we stay up-to-date the software.
  • We are there to answer your questions. We can answer not only your toughest sales tax questions, but we can answer your state income tax questions.
  • You will actually know the professional who prepares your monthly returns! Imagine that!
  • Things come up in business. We understand. We'll scramble all our resources if we need to help you in a crunch.
  • And more...

You CAn't scale what we do!

These days everyone talks about SCALE.
It's almost as if an idea stinks unless it "scales". Well, we don't scale very well.

But we're not knocking the concept. Scale makes complete economic sense for the software companies.

They couldn't survive without it.

And frankly, all of us benefit from scale, because it makes software much cheaper than it would be otherwise.

But, when it comes to sales tax filing for a larger business, how does SCALE benefit you?

It's easy to see how it hurts you.

Because of SCALE...

  • You never know the person (or if there is a person) who actually prepares your returns.
  • As a result, there's no one to answer your unique questions. Like: why doesn't your data match the returns this month?
  • If you happen to miss a deadline even by a minute, the software stops working for you and you're left in a lurch. You will probably have to file the returns on your own that month.
  • Pricing may seem cheap at first, but the REAL costs can skyrocket.
  • Software is always changing (usually for the better), so you have to continually RELEARN how to use it effectively.
  • And more...

Sales Tax Return Services


Managing sales tax compliance in the thousands of taxing jurisdictions is a labor-intensive, tedious, time-consuming activity. 

Yet it’s something that must be done because the alternative is even worse. But we try to make it as painless as humanly possible.

Sales Tax Compliance: 3 Levels of Service - You Choose

Can You Do The Returns Yourself? Yes...

You Can Try the
Manual Approach

For some companies, handling sales tax returns is the most economic option, however, as a company grows it may no longer be cost effective to handle in-house.

You Can Buy Software and Get Trained to Use it Well

There are several software options to assist with return preparation. Each has their own pros and cons. 

We’ve tried them all and can help you craft a solution that makes sense for you.

OR: You Can Just Get Your "State Taxes Handled"

We can handle this for you! That’s what we love to do! It’s why we trademarked it! 

Imagine having this off your plate forever.

Join your friends on our client list who are now living the great life. 


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