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Leaders retailers and eCommerce sellers have plenty on their plates. Between team-building, sourcing, merchandising, marketing and customer service, it’s hard to prioritize issues like sales tax and determining where you have nexus.

Problem is, when sales tax does rise to the top of your list of priorities, it tends to hit hard and fast.

It could be an audit notice from a state.

It could be a realization that you have an obligation to collect and remit tax in a particular state.

Or it could simply be the realization that you don’t have your state and local tax house in order.

That’s why Peisner Johnson is here.

We’re specialty state and local tax consultants serving retailers, eTailers and business owners. When you have a tax issue – or simply want to be sure you’re prepared for what might be coming down the pike – we’re here for you.

We offer highly customized, specialized services around state and local tax. Our knowledge and experience goes far deeper than the typical CPA. In fact, CPAs nationwide routinely refer their clients to us for state tax issues and audit support. 

Our motto is State Taxes Handled for a reason. That’s all we do. And we’d be happy to help you. 

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“Your hard work and integrity are refreshing in today’s environment. Your diligent efforts resulted in the obtaining of $97,000. We will continue to work with you in the future. It will cost us money if we don’t.”
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